Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Week in Geek: July 24-31

Okay, so this is a little bit late, but I had a pretty good excuse: I was in Pittsburgh visiting the set of a Disney/DreamWorks film about alien teenagers with weird powers. Because of this, my actually geeky output this week was also fairly low, but there's still at least one article you fine folks will no doubt have an angry feast over. So let's get right into this week's links (or... link, anyway) and let the gnashing begin.

July 26: Our 'Justice League of America' Dream Cast

This is pretty much exactly what you'd think it is, except you probably wouldn't have cast Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie as Green Arrow and Black Canary. That's why I'm here, folks: to do your thinking for you, okay? Now just read it and enjoy already.

So what movie set was I attending? It's something called I Am Number Four, which is a young adult novel that was just released this week. It's attributed to someone named "Pittacus Lore," but that's a pseudonym for infamous Million Little Pieces author James Frey. Of course, I can't really talk about it because if I do, Steven Spielberg will send Haley Joel Osment to kill me in my sleep. But if you're curious about the project, here's a little teaser from Comic-Con by the stars of the film explaining just what the heck the project is, since nobody has ever heard of it:

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