Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Week in Geek: August 15-21

Welcome back to another Week in Geek, where we round up all the geektastic news from around the internet. That is, around my own personal internet; these, of course, are the stories I might have written about here at The Vault if I hadn't already written about them for someone giving me money. So rather than risk having one of you actually miss one of my epic posts, I'm now repackaging them in what is not even a remotely lazy weekly format.

So what might you have missed over the past week? Glad I pretended you asked:

August 16 -- Is 'The Expendables' Sylvester Stallone's Biggest Opening Ever? : Short answer: yes, yes it is. Of course, that's due in large part to inflation and massively increased ticket prices, otherwise First Blood 2 or Rocky IV would be the answer. Time: the great unequalizer.

August 18 -- January Jones Cast in New 'X-Men' Movie: I know what you're thinking: huh? What now? But let's face it -- 95% of comic fans just want to know if she's going to be wearing the white leather corset or not. It doesn't even matter who is inside it. Sad but true.

August 19 -- Seth Rogen to Get Schooled in 'Boo U.' : It's always helpful to be warned of projects like this far enough in advance to make sure you can fully avoid them.

August 20 -- Tim Burton Reunites With 'Ed Wood' Scribes for 'Addams Family' : This actually could be cool. It's going to be a stop motion feature based on the original Addams Family cartoons rather than the watered down TV show.

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