Saturday, May 1, 2010

Free Comic Book Day

Hey guys. it's Free Comic Book Day! Yes, May 1, which for centuries has been a day to celebrate the ending of winter through dancing, drinking and revelry. And now, finally, modern man has perfected the perfect holiday by adding the only thing it was missing: comic books.

For those of you not in the know, Free Comic Book Day is, well, exactly what it sounds like; a day where you can go to your local comic book store and get one or more free comics. Since 2002, retailers around the country have banded together to help promote the joys of comic books by giving out these freebies and over the past few years the publishers themselves have gotten in on the act, meaning that many one of a kind, special free comics will be available today only. And, I might add, totaly for free.

So what the hell are you reading the internet for when you could be out at your local comic shop, rolling in piles of blissfully free comics? (Note: don't actually do that). Head on down to the shop and pick up some free comics and celebrate May Day the way the Celts would have wanted: by reading special Archie one-shot.

Here's the official Free Comic Book Day website complete with previews of the TOTALLY FREE comics you can receive today only.

Hopefully I'll be back on a regular posting schedule soon, so don't panic, comic reading America: those Warlord reviews are on the way.

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