Sunday, May 16, 2010

Avengers Day Preview

One of the most popular holidays in America is almost upon us: Avengers Day. Okay, maybe it's not quite as hotly anticipated in most circles as, say, Memorial Day, but for a certain select subsection of the country (i.e. me), it's pretty friggin huge. For those of you who somehow haven't heard the news, Avengers Day is this Wednesday, May 19. Technically, it's been designated as such by Marvel in order to hype the relaunch of Avengers following the end of Siege and the cancellation of the current batch of Avengers titles (all of which will be replaced by new titles, so don't worry, you'll still have your chance to drop nearly 20 bucks a month on this stuff).

But while the relaunch of Avengers isn't quite as exciting as maybe it could be -- i.e. if they had hired Ed Brubaker to write the new series instead of sticking with Bendis the Antichrist (apologies to the original Antichrist, John Byrne) -- it's still a good excuse to celebrate the long history of Earth's Mightiest Heroes and to hope that, with the return of positivity to Marvel via The Heroic Age, we might be at the cusp of a new era of fun, solid comic book stories from the House of Idea. I mean, probably not, but let's stay positive.

In order to celebrate Avengers Day, then, we here at The Vault will be counting down the Top 25 Avengers Stories of All Time beginning tomorrow, with the final five scheduled to hit on Wednesday, Avengers Day. And who knows, if we have some free time, we might even manage to squeeze in a gallery of the Top Ten Avengers Covers as well.

For now, though, we'll be focusing on the stories. So what are your favorite Avengers stories? Which classics and forgotten gems should make the top 25? Let me know what your choices are and keep an eye on this space to find out the official list, beginning...

Tomorrow: We count down #25-14 on the Top 25 Avengers Stories of All Time! Be there!

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