Sunday, May 16, 2010

Crime Does Not Pay!

I know I've been teasing my awesome retrospective of the classic Lev Gleason title Boy Comics for months now, but I'm still not quite ready to present it. Still, after the runaway success of our recent Boy Comics edition of Tales From the Vault, I thought I'd at least give everyone another tease of that special Lev Gleason / Charles Biro aesthetic. Today we've got two offerings for your enjoyment, the first being this ultra-rare sneak peek behind the scenes at Lev Gleason Publications. That's right, straight out of Boy Comics #40, it's Gleason's own in-house rules for writing and drawing his line of crime comics, including the legendary, groundbreaking title Crime Does Not Pay!

Do you have what it takes to be an honest to goodness Lev Gleason comic creator? Check it out and decide for yourself:

And just what kind of classic crime storytelling can you create if you follow these simple injunctions? Just take a look at the splash page from Boy Comics #40, where the legendary Charles Biro brings it all home as only he can do (with art from Norman Maurer, better known to non-comics fans as the manager of the Three Stooges):


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Well..that certainly explains why all the thugs had pug ugly mugs during the late golden/early silver age.