Sunday, March 14, 2010

Quest for the F. F. F. -- Episode 2

Welcome back to the Quest for the F.F.F., one man's humble effort to achieve the greatest honor in comics, Marvel's honorary title of Fearless Front Facer. If you're one of the millions of readers who have been following me and supporting me ever since I embarked on this quest back in... last week... you'll recall that on Thursday, I began my attempt by contacting Marvel editor extraordinaire Tom Brevoort and placing myself at his mercy, ready to face whatever challenges and tasks Marvel may deem necessary in order to attain this rare honor.

Now, I'm happy to report that I have received word back from Mr. Brevoort, who, after careful consideration has informed me that he is prepared to bring my petition before the ultimate arbiter of all things Marvel:

Stan "the Man" Lee.

Here's the reply I received from Mr. Brevoort:


Truly, yours is a heroic quest. However, I need to do some digging
before I can better advise you on this matter. In theory, it is probably
within my powers to grant somebody Fearless Front Facer status. But in
actuality, in all of recorded history, only Stan Lee himself has ever
bestowed this most hallowed of ranks upon the deserving.

Therefore, I will need to consult with Stan as to the proper course of
action at this juncture, and get back to you with the results. This is
necessary, for I would not have you walking around with a Ranking of
Marveldom that had not been truly and properly earned.

Tom B"

Needless to say, I am humbled by this turn of events, as there is no higher authority in the world of comics. And indeed, I should not feel worthy of the title Fearless Front Facer if I were to fall short of Stan's standards. Here is the response I sent to Mr. Brevoort:

"Mr. Brevoort,

I am humbled by the attention of Stan "the Man" Lee and stand ready to face his judgment on this matter. I certainly agree that it would be improper to use the title of Fearless Front Facer without his blessing and I wouldn't consider claiming it for myself without having first earned the right.

In order to help Stan and yourself deliberate in this matter, I have prepared a short video segment explaining my past services to Marvel as well as my reasons for initiating this quest. Please understand that I seek to become a Fearless Front Facer not for the glory of the title but rather as a symbol of the dedication all true fans feel for Marvel.

Make Mine Marvel,

Scott Harris"

As soon as I get a reply, you'll be the first to know, true believer!

UPDATE: The Quest has come to a shocking conclusion thanks to an email from Stan Lee himself! Read on, Macduff!

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Best of luck, Scott! I know you would do the title proud should Stan bestow it upon you!

Great job, Scott, and best of luck!

I think you have it in the bad, dude. Stan The Man will surely give you your just desserts.

In the BAG...not in the bad. sorry.