Saturday, March 20, 2010

Quest For the F. F. F. : The Conclusion

Welcome back. As those of you have been breathlessly following events here at The Vault know, I recently undertook a quest -- some would say a journey of the soul -- to achieve one of the greatest and rarest honors in comic fandom, Marvel's honorary title of Fearless Front Facer. I began my quest by contacting Marvel editor Tom Brevoort, who informed me that he would need to consult with the ultimate authority on all things Marvel, Stan lee, in order to determine whether or not I was worthy of the honor. I followed this up by preparing a video catalog of my devotion to Marvel, so that Stan and Tom would be able to fully weigh such a serious topic before rendering judgment.

My expectation was that I would have to perform one or more Herculean tasks in order to receive the title of Fearless Front Facer if, in fact, my petition was granted at all. With that in mind, I began a rigorous training regimen that included memorizing Marvel Handbook entries, pouring over Atlas monster titles to identify character protoypes and learning to play the Merry Marvel Marching Society marching theme on the recorder.

However, it appears as those efforts will not be necessary, as I have just received an email from Stan Lee himself with his final judgment. So what was the verdict? Have I achieved Marvel's most exalted state? Or am I doomed, like Moses, to stand forever outside the promised land, destined to call myself a Permanent Marvelite Maximus for all eternity instead?

I'll let Stan's email provide the answer:

"Dear Scott Harris, RFO, QNS, P.M.M.,

Having been deeply moved by your loyalty to the Mother Company that is, and shall be ever, Marvel Comics, and thankful to the ever-caring Tom Brevoort, I most solemnly take this opportunity to make an official pronouncement...

Now and forevermore, the most loyal and deserving Scott Harris shall be known as Scott Harris FFF!

Let no man say him nay!

Scott, you shall be entitled to all the benefits and privileges attendant upon your high and noble rank. All of Marveldom United hereby congratulates you and is certain that you will use your new-found powers wisely and for the benefit of mankind.


Stan Lee"

So there you have it. I am duly humbled by this honor and would like to thank Stan, Tom and all the other Marvel fans who have encouraged me on this epic journey. I know some of you have expressed concern that, should I achieve the title of Fearless Front Facer, my commentary and criticism of Marvel's comics would be compromised, but I assure you, the opposite is true; as a Fearless Front Facer, I feel it is my solemn duty to uphold the ideals of Marvel and ensure that today's custodians of the company meet those high standards as well.

In the meantime, I invite those new readers who have popped in for the Quest to take a look around and check out some of my other ongoing features such as Lettercolumn Classics, Great Moments in Comics and Decade in Review. And as always, Make Mine Marvel.

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Congratulations, Scott!

Welcome to the ranks! Great email from Stan--thanks for sharing that.

Here's a link to the "documentation" for my recently bestowed FFF as promised:!/photo.php?pid=243368&id=100000212997148


I was an R.F.O., Q.N.S. and K.O.F, but never got that elusive No-Prize.

Neal, please contact me about your FFF award. It's about sharing your story in a book. Thanks. Robert.