Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ask the Vault: March Edition

Sometimes, in the course of human events, people have questions about things. Many times, those questions have no answers. But when they do, luckily for everyone, there's a single, central place of wisdom and learning you can turn to to get those answers: me.

Yes, it's time for the latest edition of Ask the Vault. It's been about three months since our last go-round (you can check out our previous answers here, here and even here of all places), and I figure that the questions are probably bubbling up inside all of you by this point, so it seemed like the right time to throw open the gates of inquiry.

As usual, the rules are simple: ask me anything at all (but mostly comic book stuff) and when I have accumulated enough questions, I'll pop back on here to provide you with the answers you seek. You can ask the questions be responding to this post, emailing me or through facebook. So what are you waiting for?

Knowledge is just a click away.

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This is a two part question.
1). Why were the original Defenders the greatest super hero team of all time?
2). In your opinion, who are the three most powerful earth-born characters in comic book history?