Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Week in Geek: September 5-11

I know, I know -- you guys want comics! You want to delve into those longboxes face first and come up smelling like old newsprint. I promise, y'all. Soon, very soon. For now, though, I've still been too swamped with actual work to get much writing done on the Vault side of things.

Still, some of those articles are pretty cool and a couple of them are even comic book related. So here' the latest Week in geek so you can get caught up in everything important in the world. And don't worry, comics are coming shortly.

September 6 -- Queue It Up: ‘A Scanner Darkly’ Blu-ray: Dude, I haven't actually seen this movie for some reason, but if you haven't read the book I highly recommend it. And whatever you do, make sure you see this / read this sober. You've been warned.

September 8 -- What If Clint Eastwood Were Superman?: Shocker of the week: Clint Eastwood was once a comic geek! So what classic Golden Age hero did he obsessively collect? Here's a hint: the answer makes beautiful, perfect sense.

September 9 -- ‘Hobo With a Shotgun:’ Brother, Can You Spare a 20-Gauge?: I think the title pretty much says it all, right? The fact that is stars Rutger Hauer is genius; frankly, I can't see how the movie could live up to this trailer.

September 9 -- Nikita Has Company When It Comes to Butt-Kicking Ladies: A video rundown of some of the asskickingest ladies in film and TV history. I totally should have included Gwen Cooper from Torchwood. Darnit, Hindsight Lad!

September 9 -- ‘Captain America’ Proves He’s an Easy Rider: Photos of the stunt double on Captain America riding a tricked out Army motorcycle. Pretty cool.

September 9 -- Stephen King’s ‘The Dark Tower:’ Just How Much of This Is There?: This is one of the craziest deals I've ever heard of, as Ron Howard is going to adapt the "Dark Tower" serious into a film trilogy and a TV series simultaneously. Good luck with that bro. Seriously.

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You know, I could never get into the Dark Tower and Ron Howard has more misses than hits, but I hope it works out. I like to see the ambition of the attempt, although every time I hear something like this I remember Vin Diesel taking about the Chronicles of Riddick being some new trilogy blockbuster and "Pitch Black is like our Hobbit."

So, yeah, best laid plans and all that.

-- Mark