Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Top Ten Santa Covers: Part 1

It's almost Christmas, so in the spirit of giving, we're going to give you not one but two days of holiday cheer as we count down the Top Ten Santa Covers in comics history. Today it's numbers 6-10. So put on your festive hat and get ready, because it's time to jingle, comic book style.

10) Daredevil #229

Coming in at number ten on our list is one of the most famous Santa moments in comic history, as shown on the cover of Daredevil #229. Midway through Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli's acclaimed "Born Again" storyline, Matt Murdock reaches his nadir when he gets shivved by a dude in a Santa outfit. The 80's were filled with this sort of grim and gritty representation of Santa, but few are as well known as this.

9) Captain Marvel Adventures #19

In motif that we will see more of tomorrow, Santa discovers that you don't need reindeer when you have superheroes instead. In this case, he doesn't need a sleigh either, as the Big Cheese totes Santa right on his back.

8) DC Comics Presents #67

Heck, this one has the word "presents" right in the title! This is also cover that is great in part because it seems so obvious once you see it: Santa vs. Toyman. Duh! Why did it take them so long to come up with that idea?

7) More Fun Comics #39

You know what's fun? The infamously violent labor disputes of the mid 1930's. You know what's More Fun? When those disputes involve Santa and his elves! This cover must have been a major pick-me-up for kids during the depths of the depression. Or, wait. No, no it probably wasn't.

6) Action Comics #105

For years, kids around the globe have wondered how Santa could fit down that chimney. Now, at last, the answer can be revealed: Superman shoves him in there using his alien super strength. Not exactly how we pictured it.

Tomorrow: The Top Five!

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