Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ask the Vault

For the last two months or so, we here at the Vault have been doing our best to provide you, our beloved readers, with up to the minute information about comics that for the most part came out three decades ago or so. And so far, reaction seems to be pretty positive. But now, we're ready to branch out a little bit by opening the doors to the Vault and letting you get just a little more involved. Today, therefore, we unveil our new occasional feature: Ask the Vault.

From time to time -- today being one of those times -- Ask the Vault will gather reader feedback and answer those questions that have been nagging you. Have a question about a certain writer or artists? Want to know our opinion about some storyline or canceled series? Interested in the Golden Age or Charlton or cartoon tie ins? Whatever your question, we'll do our best to answer it for you.

And it doesn't have to necessarily be comics related -- we'll answer anything. Need some advice on your love life? Want an informed political opinion? Debating the proper military strategy in the Boer War? Looking for help with your fantasy football roster? Ask anything you like.

To participate, simply post your questions in the comment box below and, once enough questions have been gathered, we'll post a roundup answering them all. So take advantage of this opportunity to finally get the answer you've been waiting for. Because when you have the opportunity to find out our opinion, buddy, you'd better seize it.

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